Ōtākaro Avon Landings: Tiaki over Time

This studio project was undertaken by a group of landscape architecture graduate students from the University of Washington in Seattle in the summer of 2020. It takes a detailed approach to designing the access points, or ‘landings’ along the green spine identified in the OARC Regeneration Plan. The guiding principle of the project, Tiaki over Time, speaks to the practice of guardianship and stewardship of the land in the context of ecocultural regeneration and climate change resilience. 



Rephotography in the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor

This project is the work of a group of final year Geography undergraduates at the University of Canterbury in the spring semester of 2021, who co-designed a framework for capturing change over time. It outlines the methods used to establish a rephotography network to link pre- and post-earthquake photographs with a record of future changes as the OARC Regeneration Plan is implemented. It investigates how rephotography can contribute to community engagement and prevent the loss of social memory. 

Library of work completed in the River Corridor 2010-21

This database of published and primary work undertaken in the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor was completed in October 2021 by two University of Canterbury graduate students, Alison Bodmer and Evelyn Charlesworth as part of their internship with the Living Laboratory in the spring semester of 2021. The internship is part of the requirements of UC's Masters of Urban Resilience and Renewal (MURR) degree.